ExportfromNepal.com is not just a platform to sell the Nepali products, it is just a medium to achieve our bigger goal of promoting Nepali products and contributing to the overall economy of Nepal. We are in a battle in the global arena to promote our products and unique identity. For, creating awareness and achieving this bigger goal, we are planning to collaborate with non-profit organizations. 

The social initiative is a mutual approach where we will be helping the non-profit organizations in creating awareness on the importance of consuming Nepali products and promoting different local brands to the global world. While working for the greater good, we will be supporting different impactful non-profit organizations as well.

We have a provision of registering the non-profit organization on our platform. (Partnering). Once you (non-profit) register in our platform, we will provide you the dedicated url which you can promote in your social media platform or your website. For every purchase made by the customer via your platform we will be donating a 1.0% to the particular organization. 

With the motto ‘Giving Back to Society’, we want to help financially to the organization whereas even promoting the local products of your own district. It is therefore, while promoting our platform we encourage you to promote your very own local product from your district.  
Simply export your products fromhamrosaman.com to support your favorite charity.