Rare 3 Head-faced Horse Buddhism Mahakala Phurba

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A Rare 3 Head-faced Horse Buddhism Mahakala Phurba used also for Protection as Amulet Phurba which is Handmade in Nepal

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Product TagsHandmade, Handicrafts, Ritual craft, Dagger, Phurba
Province: Bagmati Province

The Phurba is triple sided Tibetan ritual dagger or stake. Tibetan meaning for Phurba refers to a stake used for tethering or a peg used for securing a tent. While other objects of similar shape can be considered Phurba, it is usually a knife with three distinct segments, one of which is a characterstic three - sided blade or point. The segments and the triple blade represent the three spirit worlds, while the Phurba as a whole symbolizes the "worlds axis" bring all three worlds together. This ritual Buddhist dagger or dart symbolizes the slaying or destruction of foe or obstructions. This ritual object is usually made of various clay, woods, metals or human or monkey bones or a combination which is considered a powerful element for driving away evil spirits, however wood and bone are also used and often required for certain ritual events. The lower part of the blade is said to represent "Method" while the handle "Wisdom". These would have been two objects that were vital in the survival of people in these hash regions. The Phurba is patterned after an ancient Vedic tool, a stake used to tether sacrifical animals. It is also regarded as a powerful weapon which subdues evil spirits and negative energies, transforming them into positive forces.


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