Pitta Candle

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A pair of 2 Ayurvedic candles of blue color which helps to balance the fire element of a person. Comes in a package box made with Nepali Lokta Paper.
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Province: Bagmati

Our Pitta Candleis an Ayurvedic candle made with the colorless, odorless and tasteless Paraffin Wax and HHT Essent blend. This product contains two pairs of candles i.e., 4 candle sticks which comes in a handmade Nepali paper box made from Daphne. Among the elements like earth, water, wind and fire, this Pitta candle helps to balance the Fire element of a person by the aroma it gives.


Brief Introductions:

Ingredients: Paraffin wax and HHT Essent blend

Average Candle Diameter: 1.5 cm

Average Candle Height: 17cm

Number of Candles: 4 Sticks

Weight: 218 gm

Average Burn Time: 30 min per candle

Color: Blue

Benefits: Balance the Fire element person


Use Before: 6 months

Safety Warnings: Keep out of Children reach

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