Hand-Painted Manjushree God of Wisdom Tibetan Thangka Art on Canvas, 22x28 Inches

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A genuine original hand-painted Thangka of Manjushree who is also known as God of Divine Wisdom.

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Product Tagstanka, thangka, thanka, handmade, handpainted, Tibetan painting, painting, canvas painting, religious, traditional, manjushree, bodhisatva, rinpoche, god of freedom
Province: Bagmati Province

Size: 22 inches x 28 inches (56 cm x 71 cm)

Material: Canvas

Color: Gold/Water

This is original hand painted Buddhist art, Thangka of Manjushree. The Thangka is painted with a gold color in canvas by Buddhist Lama. Manjushree is a Bodhisattva who is considered as a "God of Divine Wisdom". It is believed that worshiping Manjushree bring wisdom and intelligence. In Tibetan Buddhism, Manjushree manifests in a number of different Tantric forms. According to Swayambhu Purana, the Kathmandu Valley was once a lake. It is believed that Manjushree saw a lotus flower in the center of the lake and cut a gorge at Chovar to allow the lake to drain. The place where the lotus flower settled became Swayambhunath Stupa and the valley thus became habitable. This thangka comes in a role.

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