100% Natural Healthy Organic Green Tea

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Green Tea(Organic)

Green Tea from the Himalayan country Nepal. There are lots of reason why you should drink a cup of hot and cold tea.

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There are lots of reason why you should drink a cup of hot and cold tea. Maybe it’s the aroma or the warmth of holding a tea cup; may be it’s the lovely conversations, or the nostalgia or may be it’s the beautiful feeling of relaxation associated with tea but its now time to take a new look at your favourite old drink. While it would be impossible to list all the benefits of tea here, we have put down the ten moral ways that tea does in your body all the way in DNAs too. So please it’s time to give a glance read while you are waiting for a cup of wellness.


A. Sliming Tea (cut fats), 

B. Anti-aging (tea keeps you young),

C. Control Heart attack and Stroke,

D. Tea protect against cancer,

E. Tea control Diabetes,

F. Tea bolsters your defenses.



How to prepare an excellence cup of tea?

Cold Tea:

Put 1 spoon green tea in 1ltr drinking cold water and leave it for 30min by covering. Now it is ready for drinking. If you need more cold tea then you can add ice in your required.

Hot tea: Boil water in 70-80 degree centigrade and pore the water in to the tea pot and put 1 spoon of tea leaves in the pot for 1ltr of water and cover it for 3-5min .Now you will find greenish-yellow color of tea which is ready for drink.

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