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6 in 1 incense: - Chenrezig incense - Guru incense - Green Tara incense - Zambala incense - Medicine Buddha incense - Mahakala incense
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Product TagsChenrezig incense,Guru incense,Green Tara incense,Zambala incense,Medicine Buddha incense,Mahakala incense
Province: Bagmati Province
Incense stick is exclusively prepared for a special offering to chenrezig, the Buddha of all compassion and love. Incense stick is based on the legendary formulation prescribed by guru himself in the scared buddhist tantrik text of Choeje Terkha. Offering if this highly valuable incense to guru with outmost respect and true devotion will help to bring you goodluck, peace, happiness, prosperity and harmony. This is highly effective against combating stess, depression, tesion and achieving calm and harmony.
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