5 Mukhi Rudraksh Single Bead Brass & Silver Combined Earring

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A 5 Mukhi Rudraksh Single Bead Brass Earring made up of the brass in a chain design with five faced Rudraksh along with the sterling silver on the backside of the stud.



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This is a "5 Mukhi Rudraksh Single Bead Brass Earring" which is made up of the brass metal along with the sterling silver on the backside of the stud. This pair of earring comes with a stud closure for locking and holding the earring. As the skin of some people are sensitive, the backside of this pair of earring is composed of the sterling silver due to which it prevents the wearer from the allergy, hypersensitivity and skin issues. This pair of earrings is designed by focusing the brass and 5 Mukhi Rudraksh bead which means 5 faced Rudraksh bead. The earring has a delicate chain design which is created by focusing on the blend of both religious and fashion aspect which gives it a very unique and attractive look. This design is the first and latest trending design currently. Each part of this earring, even a tiny detail has been crafted well by our artisan team maintaining the high-quality standard. Thus, we can assure you the quality of this earring. It is specially designed for the ladies of any age group. It is one of our exclusive products which does not have another copy. So, pick up the pace and grab this opportunity to be the first one to purchase this product.


Benefits of wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksh

  • Beneficial for the mental and psychocogical health of the wearer.
  • As per ancient Vedic, helps in controlling blood pressure
  • Brings good luck
  • Believed that the wearer doesn’t get the untimely death.
  • Improves the respiratory system in human beings
  • Cures various problems of feet, liver, eyes, kidney, etc.
  • Decreases the sugar level and extra fat
  • Has the power of Jupitar planet
  • Wearer gains health and peace


Other Details

Product Name: 5 Mukhi Rudraksh Single Bead Brass Earring

Code no.: ES&B-5RD-1

Net Weight: 3.4 Grams

Length: 6 cm approximately

Bead Size: 9.5 mm approximately

Thickness of Chain: 1.6 mm approximately

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