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5 in 1 pack incense -Kalachakra Incense -Morning prayer Incense -Juniper Incense -Meditation Incense -Sandalwood Incense
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Product TagsKalachakra Incense,Morning prayer Incense,Juniper Incense,Sandalwood Incense,Meditation Incense,dhoop
Province: Bagmati Province
100% pure natural substances. Non toxic and non-addictive. - Kalachakra Incense stick is purely hand prepared from highly flavored medical herbs and other precious substances - Morning prayer incense is a blend of six excellent medicinal ingredient, 5 aromatic herbs, 5precious gems and medicinal plants. - Juniper Incense stick is exclusively prepared by the combination juniper and other aromatic herbs. - Meditation Incense is prepared from precious herbs and natural substance. - Sandalwood Incense stick is prepared from pure sandal wood, precious herbs and natural substances from the himalayan region.
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